healthy food

Coriander and Mint Bean Salad
An easy salad to whip up, you can replace the beans in this recipe with any you may have lying in your pantry such as spinneysFOOD Red Kidney Beans or Cannellini Beans
Courgette and Coriander Kamut Salad with Preserved Lemon Dressing
Kamut is an excellent source of plant-based protein with 40 per cent more protein than common wheat. This delicious salad makes for a healthy lunch that'll keep your energy levels up
Roasted Beetroot and Bulgur Salad with Za'atar Goat's Cheese Balls
The sweetness of the beetroot is balanced by the saltiness of the goat's cheese in this nutrient dense salad that includes bulgur, a highly nutritious ancient grain
Butternut and Sorghum Salad
Sorghum is a highly nutritious grain that is also gluten free. Add to your daily dietary fibre and protein intake with this simple salad that is full of flavour and texture
Spiced Paneer and Freekeh Salad
Freekeh has been a staple grain in the Middle East for centuries. Adding it to your diet will boost your intake of essential minerals like zinc and iron. Find this salad at Spinneys' deli counters
Date Crêpes
Make the most of spinneysFOOD Dates with this simple and delicious breakfast dish to get your day off to an energetic start
Soul Santé
Pop into this brightly lit vegan cafe in Dubai Marina for a healthy meal based on Ayurvedic principles
Açaí Bowl
Perfect for a hot summer morning when all you need is something light and refreshing to kickstart your day. This açaí bowl ticks all the right boxes
Dukkah Avocado with Preserved Lemon, Radish and Tomato Jam
Spice crusted avocado wedges add an impossible meatiness to this hearty green salad that's served with preserved lemon, radish and an incredible tomato jam
Grilled Peach Salad
This simple salad brings the fruit's natural sweetness to the forefront by grilling it. Its high fibre content makes it an ideal side to a richer, heavier main
Mylk Lab by Genki
A relative newcomer on the scene, this cozy cafe has a welcoming ambience and a menu that makes you want to order everything. All the more reason to keep going back
For a healthy yet delicious meal in a lovely outdoor setting, head to this restaurant that has a plant-based menu influenced by Latin American flavours