Tempura Spring Onions With Harissa Yoghurt
These tempura spring onions are quick to rustle up, and are arguably the most addictive thing to snack on, especially when paired with a quick harissa yoghurt for dipping
Spicy Prawn and Tomato White Bean Salad
This harissa-spiked cherry tomato and prawn salad with cannellini beans is a protein-packed dinner option that's fuss-free and easy to make
Harissa Lamb Knuckle Stew with Chickpea Dumplings
Harissa is a great ingredient for adding depth and complexity of flavor to dishes, whilst also brightening them with some punchy floral notes
Carrot-Sweet Potato Fritters With Harissa Yoghurt
Hungry? These veggie fritters are simply divine. Add a dash of harissa yoghurt for a fiery kick!