Coconut Gulab Jamuns
The name of this evergreen Indian sweet literally translates to rose berries, which is apt since these dough balls are soaked in a rose-water syrup. Top them with bits of edible gold leaf for an attractive finish
Raspberry, Pomegranate and Mascarpone Pavlova
Dress up a simple Pavlova with bright pops of colour. The mascarpone filling adds an element of richness to this otherwise light dessert
Chocolate Chilli Baklava
Round off your iftar or Eid meals with this decadent dessert that combines rich dark chocolate with flaky phyllo. How can anyone resist that?
Advieh Marshmallows
Skip the store-bought marshmallows and try making your own at home. We are certain these pillowy confections will be better than any you've tasted before
Ras el Hanout Buttermilk Sheet Cake
The addition of ras el hanout, a Moroccan spice mix, and buttermilk to this cake result in an aromatic, tender crumb. Slather it with the equally delicious frosting
Walnut and Halva Baby Cakes
Good things come in small packages and we couldn't agree more. These delightful baby cakes are flavoured with tahini halva. We're pretty sure no one can eat just one
Chocolate Ganache Tart with a Date Coffee Caramel Centre
A dessert that doesn't require any cooking is always a useful recipe to have at hand. The three components in this merge seamlessly to produce a decadent treat
Chai Affogatos
Can't think of a dessert to make at short notice? This affogato recipe will come to your rescue. It only needs three ingredients and comes together in a jiffy
Coffee Almond Basbousa Cheesecake
Basbousa, a traditional Middle-Eastern semolina cake, unites with a coffee-flavoured cheesecake resulting in an East meets West dessert that will delight your family and friends
Cardamom, Almond and Pineapple Upside Down Ghee Cake
This classic upside down cake has been given a face lift. Cardamom lends a subtle flavour to the syrup and batter without being overpowering while ghee creates a delicate crumb
Tahini Ice Cream with Salted Honeyscotch and Sesame Tuile
There's more to tahini than meets the eye. Prepare this irresistibly smooth and creamy dessert with easy-to-find staples. It's the perfect way to end a summer meal
Mini Date Doughnuts with Spiced Date Sugar
The rich caramel flavour of dates in these doughnuts makes them the perfect little tea-time treats. They'd also make a great edible gift for someone with a sweet tooth