Strawberry sheet cake
This has to be one of the easiest dessert recipes on our site. Pick up a punnet of the plumpest, juiciest strawberries in store, use your pantry baking staples and prepare this treat in a flash
Wobbly lemon jelly
What makes this citrus-y jelly glow like the sun? The fact that chef Liz Stevenson uses a mix of lemon and orange juice. And don't be afraid of turning it out of its mould - anyone can do it!
Coconut and Rose Ladoos with Raspberry Centres
These bite-sized, gluten-free sweet treats flavoured with delicate rose water and tropical coconut are easy to make. Get your kids to help with shaping the ladoos, too
Holi Celebration Cake
Take your Holi celebrations up a notch with this show-stopping cake flavoured with cardamom and rose water and topped with colourful jalebis
A light and beautiful dessert is just what a summer party needs. This recipe by Yasmine Idriss Tannir can be dressed up with a variety of berries and edible flowers
Warm Apple Crumble
Make the most of your apples with Hind Al Mulla's version of this comforting and irresistible dessert that is a sure shot crowd pleaser
These biscuits have a subtle crispy edge and buttery taste with the addition of beautiful pressed spinneysFOOD edible flowers
Cranberry and Orange Gur Cake
Traditionally, Irish gur cakes, also known as 'fruit slices' and 'chester cakes,' are made from leftover bread, dried fruit and varied spices. This recipe's filling has a citrus-y, tart zing to it as we've used cranberries, orange zest and mixed spice
Maple Chocolate Braided Bread with Almonds
Pillow-y soft, chocolaty and offering a bit of a crunch this braided bread not only looks great, but also tastes delicious. Use it for french toast or a baked bread pudding, too.
Baked Chocolate Cheesecake
Whip up the ultimate chocolaty indulgence in under an hour. Drizzle it with silky chocolate sauce and top with fresh berries for a pop of colour
Chocolate Cherry Fondant
Create a crowd-pleasing molton chocolate dessert in 30 minutes. We promise this is a winner!
Chocolate Coffee Meringue Brownies
The best brownies have a gooey, fudgy centre and a crisp meringue top. Don't believe us? Try your hand at this excellent recipe