Tangy ClemenGold preserves

Always have some delicious homemade tang at the ready to add to a slice of toast or your after-dinner cheeseboard with our ClemenGold preserves
ClemenGold Preserves
ClemenGold Preserves
September 02, 2018

PHOTO BY Assiya Jagadeesh
RECIPE BY Mart Leisegang
FOOD STYLING BY Mart Leisegang


500g ClemenGolds
335g spinneysFOOD Sugar
1 ClemenGold, juice of


  • 1

    Blanch the fruit by submerging it in boiling water for 1 minute.

  • 2

    Cut small fruit in half, or in quarters for bigger fruit.

  • 3

    Squeeze the juice of one fruit over the cut halves and microwave for 6 minutes in a glass bowl.

  • 4

    Remove from microwave and immediately, but gently, cover the fruit with the sugar.

  • 5

    Cook for another 15 minutes – test to see if the syrup is thick enough by dripping some of it onto a small plate and running your finger though it – if it's too runny, microwave for another 3 minutes.

  • 6

    Bottle the preserves in sterilised bottles.

  • 7

    Serve with cheeses and nuts or on a slice of your favourite bread.