Chia jars

Sure to be a hit with the whole family, these little jars are packed with superfoods and taste just as good as they look
Strawberry and Vanilla Chia Jars
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Strawberry and Vanilla Chia Jars
August 14, 2018
Level Easy
Preparation Time 10 minutes
Serves 4
PHOTO BY Aasiya Jagadeesh
RECIPE BY Mart Leisegang
FOOD STYLING BY Mart Leisegang


½ cup chia seeds
1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp spinneysFOOD Honey, optional
200g spinneysFOOD Strawberries
spinneysFOOD Fresh Mint, as needed


  • 1

    Place the chia seeds in a bowl and cover with the coconut milk. Mix well to make sure all the chia seeds are loose so they can absorb the coconut milk.

  • 2

    Add the vanilla extract and honey for extra sweetness and mix well.

  • 3

    Cut the strawberries into slices and place them around the sides of the jars. Fill the jars with the chia mixture, close the jars and refrigerate.

  • 4

    In the morning, remove from the fridge, garnish with strawberries, mint and a drizzle of honey if you prefer extra sweetness.


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