Jerk Chicken

Add a Caribbean twist to your festive BBQ with this irresistible recipe from Dharamsingh Rana, head chef at Miss Lily's Dubai
Jerk Chicken
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Jerk Chicken
August 12, 2019
Level Intermediate
Preparation Time 20-30 minutes (plus marination time)
Cooking Time 20-30 minutes
Serves 6-8
PHOTO BY Efraim Evidor
RECIPE BY Chef Dharamsingh Rana


4-6 pieces of chicken

Jerk Marinade

25g Scotch bonnet peppers
300g spinneysFOOD Sea Salt
375g ginger
300g spring onions
250g garlic
500g brown onions
50g pimento
25g thyme
100g brown sugar
200ml dark soya sauce
1L spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water

Jerk Sauce

150g jerk seasoning
60g light brown sugar
175ml spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water
20g Scotch bonnet peppers
400g ketchup
60g corn starch


  • 1

    Prepare the marinade by blending all the ingredients together

  • 2

    Marinate the chicken pieces overnight or at least 8 hours in the fridge

  • 3

    Cook the chicken over a charcoal grill on a low fire for 20-25 minutes

  • 4

    While grilling, baste the chicken with jerk sauce using a pastry brush


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