Elite Agro

The Spinneys UAE Farmers Club works towards creating a local culture of sustainable farming. Elite Agro are a key member of the group
Elite Agro picker in the field picking vegetables.
Kristijan Medakovic
Elite Agro picker in the field picking vegetables.
August 14, 2018


Towards the end of 2015, Spinneys furthered its commitment to supporting farms that harvest safe, sustainably-grown produce by forming a partnership with GLOBALG.A.P., a non-profit organisation for good agricultural practices. At the same time, the business also reiterated its dedication to increasing the quantity and range of locally grown fruit and vegetables available in store. It’s no surprise, then, that Abu Dhabi-based Elite Agro (EAG) is such an important supplier.

Part of the Spinneys UAE Farmers Club, which focuses on driving farming standards across the UAE to help the region improve its sustainable food production, Elite Agro contributes to the spinneysFood range of local fruit and vegetables. As one of the leading producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables in the region, one of its key objectives in quality and affordability.

Its mission states that it is duty-bound to work towards achieving ‘Food For All’. It believes it has have a noble mission to undertake in the country’s journey towards achieving self-reliance and food security.

Staff from Elite Agro staff holding Global GAP certificates


It is committed to continuous environmental management improvement in all of the company’s locations and to developing the well-being of the communities they work in.

EAG’s sales and marketing manager, James Varghese, explains a little bit more: “We began in 2010, with the idea of setting up a self-reliant farming business for the region, with new benchmarks in regards to high-quality, safe production.” As well as holding GLOBALG.A.P. status, the producer also meets international regulations and is a HACCP-certified production centre. “We follow strict guidelines to limit pesticide use, which in turn reduces risk to public health and the environment,” says James.

This monitoring continues right up to the point when produce hits stores, allowing EAG to achieve 100 per cent compliance for all of its fruit, vegetables and grains. Seeds and seedlings are only sourced from suppliers with verifiable GMO-free certifications. “By applying international best-agriculture practices to our region’s weather and soil conditions, we can grow produce in a sustainable way.”


What does all this mean for the Spinneys customer? That they’ve made the right choice and can reap the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, while at the same time supporting sustainable sourcing and local farmers. The company grows an exceptionally wide variety of fruit and vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, herbs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, melons, figs and strawberries. Try Elite Agro’s delicious range of produce in store.

For more information, visit eliteagro.ae