Coffee Planet

The Dubai-based company works hard to ensure sustainability and a good relationship with its suppliers, bringing fine coffee beans to the UAE in the process
A woven basket containing picked coffee beans from Coffee Planet.
A woven basket containing picked coffee beans from Coffee Planet.
August 14, 2018


Starting off as a roastery in Dubai, Coffee Planet expanded into retail across the UAE and GCC within just two years. Now a multi-million dollar success story with globally-franchised cafés in international markets, who knew that this local business would expand so rapidly? 

Embarking on their coffee venture in 2005, Coffee Planet was set up with the aim of drawing on the Middle East’s rich coffee history and developing it further. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with the finest global Arabica coffee, roasted and delivered perfectly every time. Co-founder Matthew Yorke-Smith still has an active role within the business as Chief Operations Director and, together with Managing Director, Robert Jones, has helped build the success of the brand to become the largest roaster in the UAE.


The company prioritises sustainability and works hard to build strong relationships with their suppliers: “We directly source our Arabica beans from more than 24 different places, including Africa, Indonesia, India and Central America,” explains roastmaster Matthew Wade. The producer trades directly wherever it can, and buys entire crops to ensure farmers have a guaranteed income for the year, as well as offering advice on improving procedures.

Coffee Planet has the capacity to roast over 100 tonnes of coffee per month. Not only do they supply to five-star hotels, airlines, supermarkets, and offices, but since 2016 they have been roasting private label coffee for leading companies worldwide, too. It also works with the world’s largest independent not-for-profit organisation for coffee, UTZ programme, to help farmers grow better crops, create better opportunities, and to look after the earth’s natural resources.

Coffee Planet capsules displayed with their boxes


Matthew Wade sheds some light on the company’s different products, saying, “Each blend is roasted differently to create distinct taste profiles. The Breakfast Blend gives you a strong pick-me-up with a taste of buttery roasted nuts and a hint of candy floss and cocoa. The Italian variety provides a more gentle caffeine hit with caramel and almond notes, while the French medium-dark roast with a touch of hazelnut is perfect at any time of day. And the Honduras Organic blend packs a distinctive punch with a herbaceous, earthy, cedarwood aroma and dry cocoa aftertaste.” Satisfy your caffeine needs and pick up a bag in store.

            For more information, visit the Coffee Planet website.