Farmer's Kitchen: Episode One

Farmer's Kitchen is a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8. Here, Helen and Chef Elias from JA Palm Tree Court make a rustic lamb roast...
Farmer's Kitchen Episode One
Farmer's Kitchen Episode One
May 10, 2019

Introducing Farmer's Kitchen

Each week Dubai Eye's very own Helen Farmer hosts local chefs at the JA Resort in Jebel Ali and cooks with them in front of a live studio audience incredible dishes that you can re-create at home using fresh and flavoursome ingredients from Spinneys.

Discover the latest episodes below where you can watch the whole show from getting the ingredients from Spinneys shelves right up to our live studio audience tasting the dishes in our kitchen at JA Resorts. You can also get the recipes for what's being made, and find out more about the chefs themselves.

Episode One

For the first episode of Farmer's Kitchen we met Chef Elias at our kitchen inside the beautiful Palm Tree Court at JA Resort in Jebel Ali to give you inspiration and ideas for a family sized lamb-based Ramadan meal.   Using our fabulous fresh ingredients from Spinneys, Chef Elias and Helen created a tender rustic roast lamb with the most flavoursome roast potatoes. This is a perfect dish to leave roasting through the day in Ramadan so when Iftar comes around,  a hearty dish is ready for all the family. Watch Helen source ingredients at Spinneys and help Chef Elias cook this great meal.


Grab all your fresh ingredients at Spinneys and be sure to catch next week's episode on Fridays at 10am on Dubai Eye.