Gossip Café

Instagram-worthy interiors and a wide selection of beautiful desserts makes this café the perfect place to hangout with friends
Gossip Cafe
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Gossip Cafe
August 02, 2019

Dr Shayma Nawaf Al Fawwaz is the founder and CEO of GOSSIP The Brand, which includes a collection of cafés across the emirates. She says: “Ramadan is a time to reflect, detox and show some humanity by helping others. It’s also a time to prepare yourself for the year ahead, concentrate on spirituality and develop a closer connection to God.”

Lugaima is Shayma’s favourite Emirati dessert during Ramadan. “I’m quite partial to something sweet,” she says. “But I also love harees (a wheat porridge with meat) – both these dishes conjure up great memories from my childhood.” Another favourite is this lamb ouzi recipe, which she always enjoys with family and friends. We love the range of milk cakes at GOSSIP, but look out for their iftar set menus and Eid treats like mahalabia in saffron, rose, halwa and pistachio flavours.